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Entry Requirement:

  1. SPM 2 credits with 1 year working experience
  2. School Leavers with minimum PMR and 2 years working experience

The HRM programme has incorporated both the academic concepts as well as the practical models to deal with the workforce, thereby providing the framework to monitor performance and profitability of an organisation. The lifelong learning motivation is also an integral part of HRM and every member of the workforce is nurtured to achieve the best.

The current and future business trends in Malaysia and globally demand skilled HR professionals. This comprehensive course is delivered by experienced HR practitioners in their areas of expertise.


At the end of the course, participants are able to:

  1. Principles of HR Management
  2. Recruitment and Selection
  3. Compensation and Benefits
  4. Labour Law
  5. Training and Development
  6. Occupational Safety and Health